Prevention at the core of our health programs

The Intelligent Health proactive health programs are designed to address the primary issues we are facing today, which fall under the umbrella of cardiometabolic disease. These include heart and cardiovascular illness, cancer, diabetes, obesity, hormone imbalance, autoimmune disease, and more. Unfortunately, these are diseases rapidly on the rise here in the UAE and around the world.

In addition to addressing direct conditions through prevention, reversal, and elimination of disease, our programs are also very much about bringing you to your optimal health and wellbeing which in turn is about giving you a better life. It is fact that the more healthy we are the better we feel in both mind and body, and while aging is never an easy thing, through good living and proper lifestyle choices we should be able to keep fit and feeling great well into our golden years.

We have a number of programs to choose from, and our overall methodology governing our main lifestyle programs is as follows:

1. Measure: We measure a number of health indicators and biomarkers using the most modern medical equipment available and taking advantage of the latest in biomarker research and genetics.

2. Mentor: A comprehensive lifestyle program is tailored according to your particular health needs. Your Intelligent Health physician will set a series of goals that should be met throughout the program for optimum results.

3. Monitor: Through frequent testing and mobile health apps, we will carefully monitor your progress to ensure the effectiveness of your program. Your lifestyle coach or physician will be closely involved in directing your efforts.

Preventive Healthcare