Homeopathy Program

Intelligent Health’s overall "natural first, whole person" philosophy fits perfectly alongside the principles of homeopathy. As with all of our offerings, our Homeopathy Program takes into account one’s overall health – physical and mental – in order to design a health management plan to control, reverse, and prevent a range of conditions, while ensuring you are doing all you should be doing to reach your optimal level of health.

The philosophy behind homeopathy is simple: "like cures like". That is to say, a substance taken in small amounts will offer the same protection against symptoms of illness as it would taken in larger quantities. The benefit of the homeopathic approach, however, is that most of its medicines are safe for a wide array of clients – including the elderly, children, and pregnant women. It is a great alternative or supplement to a number of traditional treatment regimes.

Once our qualified homeopath’s have a clear picture of your health, they will select a course of treatment suited to your symptoms. These work in tandem with your body’s own natural healing ability to bring about the best results for your particular needs.

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