Executive Health Screening and Health Management Programs

The figures tell the story: 80% of cardiovascular disease, 40% of varied cancers, and 91% of diabetes cases are preventable with diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. It leads to the obvious conclusion that as important as corporate health screenings are, far more important is the actual health management side of things.

What this means is that any organisation providing a quick screen once every year or two for its staff, with little in the way of health guidance, is in fact not providing much security. Conditions such as hypertension or pre-diabetes may be uncovered, for example, but if all that then follows is the prescription of medicines, this is simply a sick care model that addresses symptons but not the root cause of the disease.

At Intelligent Health we do corporate wellness the right way. All of our doctors are experienced in lifestyle consulting -- namely diet and nutrition, stress management, fitness, toxin reduction, and many other interventions. They are therefore looking for ways to not only treat the immediate symptoms, but -- far more importantly -- to reverse and prevent illness.

Preventive Healthcare

It all starts at our state-of-the-art medical centre, located in the Sunset Mall in Jumeirah, with a thorough round of modern testing that uses the latest in healthcare technology. We screen across the full medical spectrum - checking for diabetes, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, heart disease, cancer, overweight and obesity, and more. Once all test results are in, the individual will receive a lengthy consultation and a tailored health management program designed to bring him or her to optimal health.

How your company benefits

Aside from the obvious benefits to the individual, there are a number of advantages for corporations as well. There is, of course, the reputation of your business, which is strengthened through such programs, but over and above that, health screening and health management initiatives that succeed in improving the overall health of the workforce also succeed in improving the overall financial health of the company.

Consider that successful employee wellness programs have been shown to reduce absenteeism by over 20%, reduce workers' compensation and disability costs by 25%, and lead to, on average, a 25% reduction in overall health costs. Furthermore - and of major importance to us in the UAE -- comprehensive wellness packages have been shown to contribute to a reduction in staff turnover.

For more information about our Corporate Wellness Programs, please write to us at info@intelligenthealth.ae or call us on +971 (0) 4 321 5222.