Preventive healthcare is the answer

For too long now the answer to poor health has been to simply take a pill. In other words, treat the symptoms but don't address the cause. Here at Intelligent Health, however, we believe the real answer to poor health is the promotion of good health, and this must include a disciplined approach to establish the cause and then introduce a proper lifestyle – which is everything from good nutrition to fitness to stress management and much more.

Ultimately, Intelligent Health has two primary aims: The first is to discover disease at the earliest possible stage should it exist; and the second is to provide a roadmap for each client to move him or her towards optimal health and wellbeing.

Where good health begins

We believe the pursuit of optimal health should begin long before we start to show any signs of illness. In fact, the pursuit of optimal health should begin when we are still healthy. That’s why our programs are focused on the preservation of good health to tackle the array of entirely avoidable health issues that Western society is struggling with in the 21st century. Here we are namely speaking of cardiometabolic disease, which includes among others diabetes, heart and cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer's autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, and obesity.

Preventive Healthcare

And while we of course prescribe medications where necessary, when dealing with chronically ill clients, our goal is to reverse and even eliminate the disease by using a "whole person" approach. By taking a strong proactive approach to healthcare, we are able to create personalised, predictive, and thus preventive solutions that put our clients in the driver's seat when it comes to managing their own heath in participation with their doctor and lifestyle coach.

The three key principles of Intelligent Health's approach

1. Establishing the root cause: If we are to understand how to manage, cure, or reverse illness, we must first understand what is causing it. For example, prescribing a pill for high blood pressure may stop the immediate symptoms, but it does nothing to tackle the underlying problem. At Intelligent Health we manage the root cause of poor health, not just the symptoms.

2. Taking a "whole person" approach: Health, particularly poor health, develops within the context of a person's life, which is why our health programs take a person’s entire lifestyle into account when looking to bring about optimal health. To this end we offer lifestyle consulting, which covers everything from diet and nutrition to stress management to mind-body health and much more.

3. Natural therapies whenever possible: One of the most damaging elements of the broken Western healthcare model is its over-tendency to prescribe multiple drugs. While pharmaceuticals certainly have their place for some conditions, they should never be the only point of call -– and ideally they should only be used temporarily until the root cause of the condition is identified and addressed. For this reason, Intelligent Health takes a "natural first" approach to healthcare that encompasses nutraceuticals, bioidentical hormones, detoxification, Paleo Diet, and other non-invasive therapies.

Preventive Healthcare
We believe the pursuit of optimal health should begin long before we start to show any signs of illness.